Virgo Zodiac Mantra Necklace

Azura Jewelry New York

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Virgo:    August 23 - September 22

For our detailed and efficient Virgo, Our Zodiac Necklace depicts the symbol of the maiden between two stars, which speaks to your unpretentious vibe and natural sense of purity. This zodiac necklace is adorned with petite red garnet, sky blue topaz, amethyst and green onyx. As a Virgo, you are kind, gentle and supportive, which sets you apart from the rest. Wear this necklace with your mantra: “I am enough” as a daily reminder that you are worthy, you are loved, you are “YOU” and that’s enough.

✦14K yellow gold vermeil (14K yellow gold plated over a sterling silver base)
✦Chain:45 cm
Sky Blue Topaz
Red Garnet
Green Onyx