EPL Diamonds

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White gold earring studs


Metal Type: White gold, Weight: 1.77 gram

Insert The form amount Weight, Carat Color group Clarity group
Diamond circle 2 0.108 G SI3


White gold earring studs - excellent replenishment of your jewelry collection. Jewelry with these Yakutian Diamonds produced at the plant "EPL" "in Yakutsk. White gold emphasizes the play of light on the facets of the diamond, not afraid of water, suitable for everyday wear. Our goods are sold only in retail showrooms.

You can see these stylish earrings weighing 1.77 grams. Products have been tested in the State Assay Chamber of Russia. Delivered in their original packaging. Check out our catalog, you may want to choose a ring or a pendant to match.

The size and the shape of earrings essentially depend on personal preference. Stud earrings and concise Congo are appropriate in the office. A stylish model with a "track "of diamonds is suitable for special occasions. Large, massive earrings with pendants can be worn at a cocktail party. To choose a piece of jewelry, contact the consultants.