Pisces Zodiac Mantra Necklace

Azura Jewelry New York

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Pisces:  February 19 – March 20

For our gentle, honest, and kind Pisces, our Zodiac Necklace portrays the symbol of two fishes, which illustrates your free-flowing nature. Adorned with petite red garnet, sky blue topaz, white topaz, amethyst, and green onyx gemstone. As a Pisces, channel your deepest feelings into something creative. Wear this necklace with your mantra: “I radiate love” as a daily reminder to spread love, beauty, and kindness.

✦14K yellow gold vermeil (14K yellow gold plated over a sterling silver base)
✦Chain:45 cm
White Topaz
Sky Blue Topaz
Red Garnet
Green Onyx