Love Note Necklace

Gwen Beloti Collection

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Love Is.  If there was one word you could write over and over again, let it be love.  The greek key design and love letters are a unique style that makes the perfect subtle statement.


  • Gold filled chain
  • 18kt gold pendant
  • Measures approx 20" in length
  • Pendant measures approx 0.8" in diameter


Chain - Gold filled made to last.  Not traditional plating, gold filled items have a thick layer of genuine gold bonded to them, high quality.  Wear your jewels with confidence.

Pendant -18kt gold plated. Not flash plating, our gold plated jewels are designed with a thick coating of over 2.5 microns of genuine gold equivalent to gold vermeil, over a brass metal base.  Wear your jewels with confidence.