Gaia Amethyst Yellow Gold Necklace

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Inspired by the planet Earth itself, our Gaia Amethyst Gold Necklace will definitely leave you swooning. The gorgeous pear-shaped Amethyst gemstone is held firmly by four slender prongs and six petite topaz stones taking the form of a shining star to give you a star-struck glimpse. Wear this necklace and experience an inner sense of fulfilment and purpose.



Origin: Brazil

Birthstone: January 

Meaning: The name “Amethyst” arrives from “Amethystos,” a Greek word meaning “not drunk” as in ancient times, people thought it kept drunkenness at bay.

Powers: Seen as a stone of royalty, this promotes a serious, sober mind. It wards off evil thoughts, accelerates intelligence, fights contagious diseases and guards the wearer against aggression plus violence. Associated with crown chakra to provide shrewdness and prevent confused chain of thoughts.  


14K gold vermeil

*The base metal is ethically-sourced nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver (perfect for sensitive skins). We add three layers of 14K gold/ rose gold or platinum, which gives your jewelry that extra, sparkly shine and adds durability to prevent oxidization. 



Necklace Length: 45cm

Amethyst: 5x7mm