Aries Zodiac Mantra Necklace

Azura Jewelry New York

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Aries:    March 21-April 19

Confidently stand out with the timeless Aries Zodiac Necklace adorned with petite red garnet, sky blue topaz, London blue topaz, and green onyx gemstone. This zodiac necklace is meticulously crafted in the symbol of the strong and confident ram which describes your assertive nature. As an Aries, you're, bold, confident, adventurous, and always ready to explore new things. Wear this necklace with your Mantra “I am unshakeable” as a daily reminder that you can be the best version of yourself with determination.

✦14K yellow gold vermeil (14K yellow gold plated over a sterling silver base)
✦Chain:45 cm
London Blue Topaz
Sky Blue Topaz
Red Garnet
Green Onyx